Glitter Star and Cloud Mobile


This star mobile is very glittery and stunning. There are combination of stars and rain clouds, in gold and white glitter fabric.


This Glitter Star and Cloud Mobile is neutral and would suit either a boy or a girl’s nursery. Add a bit of sparkle to the nursery!

There are two small gold stars with two white rain clouds on opposite ends. On the other side are two larger gold stars. In the middle there are a small gold star, white cloud followed by a small gold star.

The stars, clouds and raindrops are all lightly stuffed with polyester filling.

The mobiles is is hanging off a wooden hanger which measures approx 12.5″ (32cm) in width.
The central string measures approx 12.5″ (32cm) in length
The two larger gold stars are approx 5″ (12cm) in width and is 8″ (20cm) in length from hanger to bottom of star
The rain clouds are approx 5″ (12cm) in width and is 11″ (28cm) in length from hanger to bottom of raindrops.

You can suspend the crib mobile from the metal ring attached to a ceiling hook (which is not supplied). A 6″ embroidery thread will be supplied to enable you to hang the mobile lower from the ceiling hook.

This listing is for the mobile and the wooden hanger only and does not include the attachment to the crib/cot, any props used in the photos are just that and not included in the price.

Please note that this is a decorative item and the crib/cot mobile should be kept out of reach from babies and children. If you are planning on suspending this above a crib/cot, please ensure it is no lower than the top rail of the crib/cot. Remove from above the crib/cot when infant can sit.


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